We didn’t invent recruiting, but we innovated the technology that makes it easier, faster, and better today.

TalentXi is a pioneer in HR Tech, patenting the first-of-its-kind integrated job recruitment system in 2005.*


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TalentXi is actively developing new groundbreaking technology. Be the first to join the next wave of solutions utilizing recruiting smart automation and intelligent job advertising backed by powerful analytics.

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Our licensing partnerships help more organizations leverage our leading HR recruitment technology to connect job seekers with the right jobs at the right time. We’re always seeking new partners in the recruitment marketing space.

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About TalentXi

We’re inventing tomorrow’s technologies today, offering a first-of-its-kind patent (U.S. Patent 7,653,567*) that combines unparalleled technology with the human touch of an expert.
TalentXi strengthens organizations talent acquisition strategies, boosting the capabilities of their in-house teams to connect job seekers with the right opportunities at the right time.
TalentXi’s technical insights, expertise, and innovation deliver technology that’s more efficient, more effective, and achieves better results.

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